Thursday, October 10, 2013

IGNITE Ignites!

Seventh grade students were connected with high school students last week to begin the IGNITE program. Ignite was designed to as a mentoring program for students entering junior high. High school students mentoring seventh grade students with the goal helping students experience success as they transition from grade school to junior high.Ignite will meet once each month!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hands-On Science Field Trip

Mrs. Kent's science class went to Big Creek Hatchery outside of Astoria on September 23rd. They learned a lot about spawning salmon and collecting data. On the way home, they stopped near Jewel for lunch and spotted lots of wildlife! It was a great day to learn!

A BIG Thank You!

Several members of Forest Grove First Ward LDS Church volunteered last Saturday morning at Gaston Junior Senior High School. Showcases were cleaned, closets were cleaned, athletic materials were re-organized, and the school looks even cleaner and brighter than it had. THANK YOU to the following people that spent their Saturday morning to benefit Gaston Kids:

Clifton Laney
Bob Garner
Valerie Knaupp
Jenna Knaupp
Alexa Knaupp
Luke Knaupp
Ammon Knaupp
Jinnie Axtell
Melissa Axtell
Noah Axtell
Spencer O. Hansen
Spencer M. Hansen
Olivia Hansen
Doug Reynolds
Tracey Reynolds
Trevor Reynolds
Howard Long
Connie Long
Kelly Kallionew
Connie Kallionew
Janet Tidwell